1st  Workshop 18th Sep 2021  Done

2nd Workshop 25th Sep 2021  Done

3rd Workshop  2nd Oct   2021  Done

4th Workshop  9th  Oct   2021  Done

5th Workshop  30th  April 2022  Done

6th Workshop  2nd  July 2022   Done
7th Workshop 1st April 2023 Tickets on sale

Qigong Meditation and Taichi Workshop (7th)
(기공 • 태극권 / 氣功 • 太極拳)

Saturday, 1st, April  2023
11am~1pm (2 hours)

• Understand:
You will clearly understand Qi, Qigong, Taichi, history and philosophy of Taichi, Types of Taichi and their differences, the Benefit of Qigong-Taichi etc.

• Experience:
You will experience Yin-Yang stretching, Still-Qigong meditation and Moving-Qigong meditation.

• Observe :
You will observe Qigong meditation, Chen style Taichi and Yang style Taichi performed by acupuncturist Jake Park.

K- Style Tea, cold drink & buns will be served.
Participants in this workshop will be prioritized to be members of the official upcoming Qigong-Taichi classes.

Ticket Price $40

-To buy a ticket, send me your interest via email,text or fb message.
(Apologies for limited number of tickets)
021 180 5782

" While you do workout for your BODY, what do you do for your MIND? Qigong/Taichi will give great benefit to both for you"


We have 3 different classes depend on your physical strength , flexibility.
For more inquiries, please send me email or message

* Reborn QiGong - Taichi class will resume from April 2023

* contact us for the day of each class.
Chen Style Taichi(part)
Yang Style Taichi(part)